The satellite programme Galileo, which will be fully operational in 2020, is of great significance to European security and finance. Galileo sets itself apart from other GNSS constellations by being based on civilian, and not military, user needs.

Galileo is a very important part of ensuring Europe’s autonomy over an increasingly important infrastructure. Today, several critical societal infrastructures depend on data from GNSS satellites. With technological developments making increasing use of GNSS data, use is only expected to increase even further in the future.

Galileo is a civilian system, and as such it is obligated to develop according to civilian user needs. Currently, the use of GNSS data relates to the direct use of positioning within surveying and construction services, and autonomously-controlled units, particularly those used in precision farming. Additionally, there is a large societal dependence on the element of time and synchronisation, which is vital to the financial sector and our energy network. According to assessments, satellite navigation is currently significant to 11 percent of the economy in the EU.

Image courtesy of ESA - European Space Agency
26 JULY 2021