The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency

The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency is the authority responsible for positioning, and they have a shared area responsibility for Galileo with The Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency supplies the public and private sectors with high-quality data, which makes it possible to make important societal decisions based on the best possible foundation. The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency is part of The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate.


DTU Space

DTU Space - Denmark's national space institute - is a world-leading institute in several fields due to a unique interaction between science, technology and applied research. With space as the starting point, we do scientific research, develop technology, advice authorities, and educate scientists and engineers for the benefit of society. This includes exploring our solar system, the universe, the Earth's magnetic field and monitoring Earth's climate and environment from space – and ground.


Aarhus Municipality

Aarhus Municipality participates in the project with TAPAS. We are as a municipality interested in promoting good solutions for the city. We participate in TAPAS as it provides good opportunities for testing new solutions that can be used in a broad field. Examples of this are within the Smart City area, including Smart Mobility, as well as Land Surveying, Road Traffic and City Equipment Registration, Utility Registration, VR and AR, as well as testing of self-driving cars, drones and other autonomous equipment.
26 JULY 2021